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Why have Hardwood floors in my home over other flooring choices?
"They feel so much warmer to the feet than ceramic tile", stated one customer.  Many enjoy not only the feel of hardwood over tile, but find many other benefits as well.  We will discuss some of the pro's and con’s of hardwood over other flooring choices. .....Read Full Article
How To Clean Your Wood Floors
Wood floors are so easy to maintain!  Where do you begin, so that your floors continue to keep their beauty?
To start with, first we need to identify the enemies of hardwood floors.  Sand, dirt and grit on your floor can cause damage if not removed.  When walked on, these act as sandpaper and over time, can wear away at the finish.  Keeping floors vacuumed is the best protection! ...Read Full Article
What can I do if I have Scratches on my wood floors?
It is so cute to watch your little puppy slide around the floor as he takes a turn.  Little Johnny likes to make ramps and watch his matchbox cars land on your wood floors.  It makes such a cool noise.  And your daughter practices her tap routine......Read Full Article
Sreening and Recoating Hardwood Floors
Watch a video below showing how to repair scratches by screening and recoating....
How to Refinish Hardwood Floors Video
Hardwood Floor Installation Video

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